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Global office chairs combine quality ergonomics with a budget price. These popular office chairs have a warranty that is second to none. Another sign of Global's commitment towards producing a quality office chair. Many of the Global chairs can be found on sale.

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Global Tamiri Global Tamiri
Price: $394.90
Global Supra 5332 Global Supra 5332
Price: $295.90
Global Goal 2237-3 Global Goal 2237-3
Price: $394.90
Global Goal 2237-5 Global Goal 2237-5
Price: $262.90
Global Goal 2237-6 Global Goal 2237-6
Price: $262.90
Global Comet 2171 Global Comet 2171
Price: $174.90
Global Comet 2172 Global Comet 2172
Price: $141.90
Global Tye 1950-4 Global Tye 1950-4
Price: $460.90
Global Solo 5228 Global Solo 5228
Price: $306.90
Global Tye 1951-4 Global Tye 1951-4
Price: $427.90

The Global Group firmly believes ergonomics plays a vital role in contributing to the health and wellness in the workplace of today’s diverse population.

In support of this belief, Global:

  • Became the first Corporate Member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) in 2001. ACE is the voice of ergonomics in Canada and believes that high quality ergonomics is good for business and good for people. On an on-going basis Global partners with ACE to contribute to the development and promotion of ergonomics in Canada.
  • Employs a certified professional ergonomist who:
    • Provides advice and guidance to The Global Group throughout product life cycle.
    • Serves as an ergonomics resource to client
  • Strives to design products that:
    • Fit the intended users.
    • Promote personal comfort and enhance performance while minimizing the safety and health risks associated with today’s workplace.
    • Keep pace with the rapid development of technologies and quickly changing aspects of the workplace.
  • Provides customers with up-to-date practical ergonomics information and educational opportunities.
Long before governments issued regulations protecting the environment and many years before the introduction of ISO 14001, (The International Environmental Standard) the people at Global were demonstrating a profound respect for the environment through a series of practical and innovative activities.

Our motive behind these activities was as straightforward then as it is today. Simply speaking, it is the right thing to do.
Some of our Global's environmental initiatives include:
  • A tree planting program to replace those cut to produce our catalogues
  • Not using the tropical woods listed in CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
  • Eliminating ozone-damaging Freon, CFC's and HCFC's as blowing agents from our molded polyurethane parts
  • Maximizing the use of powder paint finishes on metal parts in our production facilities. Global's responsible manufacturing practices and earth-friendly programmes demonstrate our commitment to the protection and conservation of the environment.